UHF Channels

Channels 1 to 8
Established by Law

Transmitting on these channels within range of a repeater will increase the communications range.  A repeater needs two channels to work, i.e. 1 and 31 up to 8 and 38, thus channels 31 and 38 should also be avoided from use.

Emergency Calling

Channels 5 and 35
Established by Law

Can be used by anyone in an emergency situation ONLY. Ch 35 is used by 5/35 repeaters. You should NOT use channel 35 for normal communication.


Channel 11
Established by Law

To call or locate another station.  Parties must then switch to a conversation channel.


Channels 9, 10, 12 to 21, 24 to 30, 39
Established by Law

Used for conversations between stations.

Data Transmissions

Channels 22 and 23
Established by Law

No voice transmissions allowed on these two channels. Used for telemetry and telecommand.

Highway Communications

Channel 40
Legally Recommended Use

Mainly used by truck drivers and other highway users.

Caravaners, Campers

Channel 18
Generally Accepted Use

Holiday makers communication channel, eg when in convoy.


Channel 10
Generally Accepted Use

Used by 4WD enthusiasts, clubs, convoys and in national parks.